Saturday, 17 May 2008

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Schoolgirl Short Skirt Tease

schoolgirl outfit

Sexy schoolgirl Rachel in school uniform with tartan miniskirt

(* after class)


"Yes Sir?"

"I - I'm not quite sure how to tell you this, but you really turned me on in class today"

"Did I, Sir?"

"Yes you did. Sitting there in your schoolgirl outfit with tartan miniskirt. But I have a question for you, Rachel"

"What's that, Sir?"

"Well, since tartan miniskirt isn't officially part of the school uniform, I was wondering why you wore it?"

"To turn you on, Sir"

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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Yazmin In Schoolgirl Outfit

schoolgirl outfit

Sexy tease Yazmin in school uniform with socks


"Yes Sir?"

"See me in my office after class"

"Do I have to, Sir?"


(some minutes later)

"Knock knock"

"Cum in, Yazmin. Sit yourself down"

"Thank you, Sir"

"Yazmin...I don't quite know how to ask you this, but I'd like you to strip for me"

(Yazmin bites her bottom lip and sighs softly) "But Sir, I'm in my school uniform."

"I know. I like the look of you in your schoolgirl outfit, you sexy blonde tease. But I'd like to see you out of it as well"

"If you insist, Sir"

"I most certainly do"

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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Bad Girl In Schoolgirl Outfit

schoolgirl tease

"Excuse me miss"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Why have you scrawled all over the board?"

"Because I'm a bad girl, Sir"

"I see. And why are you kneeling upright on my desk?"

"Because I'm a bad girl, Sir"

"I see. And why are your tits clearly visible through your school uniform?

"Because I'm a bad girl, Sir"

"I see. You know what happens to naughty schoolgirls, don't you?"

"Yes Sir"

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Schoolgirl Cindy

schoolgirl cindy

TEACHER: "Cindy"

CINDY: "Yes Sir?"

TEACHER: "Why are you slouching around at the back of the class like that?"

CINDY: "Because I'm a naughty schoolgirl, Sir"

TEACHER: "Stand up please"

CINDY: "Do I have to, Sir?"

TEACHER: "Yes. Stand up and show the class what you're wearing. A pleated school uniform with knee-length socks"

CINDY: "Yes, Sir"

TEACHER: "Are you chewing gum?"

CINDY: "Yes, Sir"

TEACHER: "Spit it out"

CINDY: "I prefer to swallow, Sir"

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